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Project Management.

Our project managers are with the client every step of the way, making sure health & safety is followed, deadlines met, and the project is finished to a high quality.

Good project management requires three key components

Communication between client and suppliers, effective and efficient management of resources and making sure the programme of works is kept to.

At the start of onsite works, our management team will provide a programme of works, listing when and where all trades and other disciplines will be onsite or supplying products.  This is the project bible and will be frequently monitored, cross checked and updated as and when required.  Any changes to the programme will be conveyed to the client making sure that they are always aware of what works are being carried out at any given moment.

Dedicated Site Manager

In most cases, projects will have a dedicated site manager whose sole purpose is to make sure everything runs smoothly, health & safety regulations are kept to, the site remains secure with a record of who is present and to deal with any snags that could arise.

“We engaged with Vince to design our new Pizza based restaurant and wanted an eclectic feel to the furnishings. Kinetic provided feature wall coverings, lighting and bespoke joinery based banquet seating to compliment the space. They also managed to fit the desired covers for the space without overcrowding. We love the end result so thank you very much.”

Kate Morris

- Owner

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