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Office Relocation.

Transport worries catered for

Relocation is an area which can be very complicated, but this is what we specialise in.  We have hundreds of relocations under our belt meaning that through experience we have become very efficient at making sure everything that needs to be relocated is done so on time, safely and in accordance with the programme of works. 

Our process Starts with the decommissioning of IT on each workstation, this is then packed up into crates along with any staff personal affects and transported safely to the new location by our own team.  Each individual workstation is then recommissioned at the new location, fitted to an exact seating plan arranged beforehand. We use an accurate numbering system to make sure that nothing is lost, and all equipment is recommissioned in the correct place.

Office Relocation

“Thanks Vince and the Kinetic team, a great refurbishment working alongside some own trades to complete a fantastic design and warm interior throughout. The outdoor bespoke bar area is especially good, and functions well. There will always be a pint on the bar for you.”

Chris Rabaiotti

- Owner

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