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Office Refurbishment.

Refreshing, uplifting, reorganising your existing space.

Sometimes a total overhaul isn’t necessary

Offices evolve naturally over time, company expansion is often coupled with knee jerk reactions to fit in new workstations ad-hoc.  These isolated expansions don’t consider the holistic function of the office.  It sometimes takes a fresh pair of eyes to look at the space as a whole and identify issues caused by rushed expansion.  This can either be solved by simple and more effective space planning or more vigorous constructional design changes. 

Kinetic Workplace can also provide solutions for your existing space.  We can cater for any aspect of office refurbishment from small scale redecoration and uplift to large scale redesign with new furniture; no project is too small.  This is another area where our knowledge of workplace analysis and space planning can be utilised to create an intuitive and productive office from which employees love to work. 

Rethinking existing space

Office trends are constantly changing.  The past 30 years have seen a change from claustrophobic cubicle offices to bright, welcoming open plan working space.  We are now beginning to see offices change from their former corporate appearances to more “resimercial” design; interiors that blend residential décor with commercial interior functionality.  Office interiors have come a long way since the drab spaces of the past.  This state of constant change means that we are consistently rethinking the way we work so that we can work better.

Kinetic Workplace is ready to take on your design needs and take your office to the next level.  This can take the form of a complete change of focus from static work stations to a hotdesking layout, or perhaps an emphasis on casual working with more communal meeting spaces; we are equipped to listen to client requirements and enact a tailored solution that fits their needs and budget.

“Kinetic were selected for this project as they demonstrated that they could deliver our project within the budget and timescale we had to work with and were willing to engage fully with our internal Electrical company to work hand in hand to complete on time.

Vince and his team selected the finishes that met with our brief to create a clean looking interior that we could the man customise with our brand message and product portfolio.

They completed the project right on schedule working around staff on site to achieve an excellent result that will form a benchmark for other U.K. wide refurbishments.”

Andrew Knight

- Property Manager

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