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Furniture Supply & Installation.

We only put forward products that we know are high quality and suit the needs of the client and space completely.

Supply and installation

As part of the design package, Kinetic Workplace Ltd. Will also specify high quality furniture products to complete the space.  Fabric and furniture finishes will be discussed and sampled by the client, so they are fully involved in the design process and design vision.  On larger projects, a finishes sheet will be drawn up ensuring that all furniture orders are accurate.

We can provide furniture for every purpose.  For offices, we can provide furniture for specialist workstations, specialist seating, receptions, meeting rooms breakout and storage solutions.  These high-quality products can suit any design style from corporate to industrial to eclectic.  There is no end to the innovative furniture solutions that are available, and our clients can be sure that we are offering the best solutions out there.  We have a wide industry knowledge meaning that we can also design and specify furniture for cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Most of our products are British made and manufactured – where possible, we always use British manufacturers.  Notable suppliers in this regard include Orangebox and BOSS design.

Furniture Supply & Installation
Furniture Supply & Installation

Warranty, regulations and green policy

All the products and fabrics we use regularly are often provided with a five or ten year warranty against wear and tear.  These are good quality products that are extremely resilient in terms of parts and upholstery fabrics.  In cases where products are damaged in transit from supplier to site, we will replace free of charge. 

All furniture we use has been manufactured and tested under fire regulations and each product comes with full specifications on health & safety as well as cleaning maintenance guides.  These spec documents will be complied and placed in the operations and maintenance manuals at project end.

In terms of our environmental policy, our team can stripout and dispose of existing old furniture.  When possible (depending on the state of exisitng furniture) we attempt to re purpose the furniture as second hand so that it isn’t thrown away.  When this is not possible, our team strips down exisitng furniture and disposes of it in fully licensed furniture refuse centres where everything that can be recycled, is recycled.

In order to minimize environmental impacts and safeguard the environment, employees and other persons, the Company aims to promote and maintain a high standard of environmental control by providing safe systems of working and by proper maintenance of all plant and equipment. To achieve this, we require the co-operation and assistance from all employees within the organisation. We also require the co-operation and assistance of all sub-contractors.

“We engaged with Vince to design our new Pizza based restaurant and wanted an eclectic feel to the furnishings. Kinetic provided feature wall coverings, lighting and bespoke joinery based banquet seating to compliment the space. They also managed to fit the desired covers for the space without overcrowding. We love the end result so thank you very much.”

Kate Morris

- Owner

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