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A Complicated and Rewarding Project

This project constituted a large undertaking. Not only did it involve a full fitout and furniture package, it also all had to be carried out without disturbing the day to day work of the office. There was also the addition of 80 new workstations and various department location changes to consider. This meant that a gargantuan amount of planning and organisation went into the design phases.

The solution we came up with was a complex 30-week phased programme that successfully relocated certain departments into new areas temporarily while we worked on fitting out their existing corner of the office and then moving them back. Although it was a great challenge, we managed to fitout the whole floor without causing much disruption to the normal workday. Over the course of the project, we moved staff, their exact chairs, monitors and personal equipment, eight times each with decommission and recommission of IT. It’s a real testament to out attention to detail in the planning phases of our projects.

As for the design, the brief called for new breakout areas, modernisation of existing breakout, new kitchen and a large new welcoming reception and waiting area. The style was unmistakably corporate, but with warm touches manifested in soft furnishings, Edison lighting and plants. We also integrated feature walls with concrete and brick slips with white hidden strip lighting to give that modern feel. The design was made warmer with an increase in collaborative work areas featuring wood slat enclosures with integrated white boards and soft seating from Connection.

The end result was a fresh interior, an environment in which employees could be comfortable, productive and make the most of the office.

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“This project was a massive challenge for all involved.

The total 25,000 sq ft floor was redesigned throughout, with better breakout and collaboration areas along with a refurbishment of general work areas. This all had to be completed with staff in situ, over 8 phases / areas of work. Each changeover between areas occurred over a weekend where Kinetic had 30-40 staff on site carrying out fitout and hoarding changes, furniture disposals, removals and staff relocations, plus decom/recom of all desk based IT equipment.

It was a mammoth task but completed by Kinetic with ease and without stress. Each transition was meticulously planned and the end result is amazing. Thank you Vince, Graham and team for a fantastic result.”

Leah Manning

- Global Facilities Director




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